“I am diabetic, so I must be careful with my skin. Melrose keeps it
soft and smooth.”
M. Maynor
Shannon, NC

“Very good product for diabetic skin, that’s what I use most.”
E. Boykin
Dayton, OH

“My husband is a diabetic and it’s the only lotion that helps his feet.”
J. Wright
Corvallis, MT

“I am a registered nurse and my husband and I both use the cream. My husband is a diabetic and the cream is the only cream that softens the skin on his feet, elbows, legs, etc.”
B. Russo
Great Neck, NY

“My husband is a diabetic and dialysis dependant and these people have very dry, scaly, rough, hard, flaky and ashy skin. Their skin cracks and bleeds a lot and Melrose Hand & Skin Cream applied two times a day solves this problem for him.”
D. Alford
Nashville, TN


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