Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can Melrose Hand and Skin Cream be purchased in retail stores? No. We became a direct mail-order company in 2005 to make Melrose more accessible to all customers. Orders can be placed online 24 hours a day.
  • Is there a minimum order number? No.
  • Do you give discounts on bulk orders? No. The price is the same regardless of order size. Discount pricing will be made available occasionally online.
  • How can I become a distributor?  You may purchase any amount at the same price online and sell it at your desired price. We have pharmacies, nail salons, jewelry and other specialty stores who do so.
  • When will I receive my order and how is it shipped?  We try to ship all orders within 24 hours. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and should be received by the customer within 3 days.

  • Does your company keep our credit card number on file? No. The numbers are not saved and we cannot track your order by credit card number.

  • Does your company sell my email/address/phone information to another company? No. We do not participate in selling customer information.
  • Where is Melrose Hand and Skin Cream made? It's manufactured in Houston, Texas.