Extra Dry Skin

“I have bought all the name brand creams for years, but yours is the best I’ve come across. My skin is extra dry, and just a few minutes after I apply your cream, my skin is smooth and silky. My sister’s elbows were like sandpaper, and after just one time she could tell the difference.”
B. Deckard
St. Francisville, IL

“I am writing to you because I desperately need to buy Melrose Hand & Skin Cream. I have very bad dry skin and was born with it. My mother bought every kind of lotion that has been made for my skin, but nothing has helped. Only Melrose. It’s the only lotion that helps my dry scaly skin."
M. Smith
Louisa, KY

“I have extremely dry skin. I showed the doctor this cream because he hasn’t helped me. This cream is the only thing I have been able to get that helps. I would like to order from your company.”
S. Gilmer
Hermitage, MO

“I have found Melrose Hand & Skin Cream very useful in helping to clear up a chronic skin condition.”
L. Wood
Dover, NH

“I am writing because my sister has used your Melrose Hand & Skin Cream for years. She has very, very, very dry skin and unless you have the skin problem you could not understand why she uses your cream. Most creams just dry your skin out more.”
M. Garvey
Bentley, KS

“This is the best cream I have found for my extremely dry skin.”
Mrs. H. Dingman
Bellevue, MI

“I use it constantly everyday as I have very dry hands and can’t get along without it.”
R. Welinski
Little Falls, MN

“I have tried others, some expensive and nothing works as well as Melrose.”
O. Joiner
Paris, TX


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